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MTF is a reliable Tunnel Oven manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in Mumbai, offer its product in different design, size, and specifications. The Tunnel Oven, manufactured by MTF, are electrically operated and designed with conveyors with pneumatic vertical doors at the feed and discharge ends to run continuously. Additionally, these are also available with PLC that provides complete control. Full temperature recording facilities are also available. Buyers re facilitated with the availability of the industrial tunnel ovens with the perfect mix of technology and innovation. Affordability and efficiency are also a few attributes that have enhanced the market demand. 

MTF has designed and manufactured ovens for all types of processing. These ovens have been designed for use with a wide range of existing conveyor systems. Since 1983 we have been providing electric and gas units with operating temperatures up to 450 deg C Each oven is designed for the specific application and can include multiple heat zones and a cooling zone. Units can be provided in sections for easy installation and matting with existing conveyor system. Our experienced engineers works closely with you to develop a tunnel oven to readily accept your conveyor system. Every unit is completely assembled and tested prior to shipment. Heating zone length & width, conveyor speeds are decided on your throughput. Being prominent Tunnel Oven manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, we offer our product at doorstep delivery.

What Is A Tunnel Oven And Where They Mostly Used?

A tunnel oven is as the name says, designed like a long tunnel and is mainly used in commercial bakeries. It consists of a metal belt that passes through the connected series of chambers and opens only at the end. They use different conveyor speed, fuel types and heating methods according to the requirement of the process. It has several advantages and a few of them are:

  • Due to the frequency converter feature, it consumes low energy
  • Minimize the leakage of heat inside the bakeries
  • Doesn’t call for maintenance and services over and over again
  • Have reliable burner with effective consumption
  • Consume low gas than the traditional method
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