Pan Mixer

MTF is enlisted as one of the reputed Pan Mixer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters  in India. The robust machine is designed with rotating mixing blades around central axis, which makes it ideal for under drive assuring uniform and homogeneous mixing of refractory Castable. For smooth rotation of shaft, ball bearings are also provided.

The buyers are facilitated with the availability of the Pan Mixers at market leading prices and within the stipulated timeframe. Moreover, the conventional packaging also protects the machine from transit damage.

How Does A Pan Mixer Work?

Its working depends on the type of model you have with you. In general, it rotates clock or anti-clockwise to mix all the ingredients homogeneously to make concrete batches. The device is useful to ease the work of making concrete for construction applications. The device has a lot more benefits to offer, have a look to know them before you purchase:

  • Help you make consistent batches, which will further save your time and money as well.
  • Its reliable design and ease of use save manpower, money and material.
  • You don’t need to plan a big budget for its servicing as it is a low-maintenance design.
  • The design is highly portable and can be used in more than just one application.
  • It’ll make the work of mixing easier without increasing your cost.
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