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MTF offers Tray Ovens that is designed with enclosed insulated chambers. With the circulation of hot air, produced by electric heaters, the heat is transferred. The horizontal air flow provides uniform heating, and the blower fans ensure transfer and proper circulation of the heat. Moreover, these ovens are regarded as ideal for applications in electrodes, powders, chemicals, etc. Our Company is regarded as one of the trusted Tray Ovens manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India.

MTF make trays oven has been used for different application such as baking of motors, transformer, drying of electrode, sintering etc. The trays can be Wire mesh type, Rod type or heavy duty steel tray can be provided.

MTF make tray oven has indigenous air circulation design. The hot air flow is of Horizontal type or combination of vertical & horizontal depending on the need of your application. Very slow / variable speed in case for powder heat treatment can also be provided with VFD. Tubular heater of SS or Incoly heated can be provided.

Characteristics Of Tray Ovens:

  • Even thermal distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Available in different trays option (can be varied as per the need of the customer)
  • Trays without back folding
  • Sturdy construction and precisely design chamber

In short, investing in a device like tray ovens won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, process, features or working. So, you shouldn’t be worried about the investment. Call or drop an email regarding the same.

Special Features Of Trolley Type Tray Ovens:

  • Robust Construction for heavy duty operation.
  • Oven is provided with Rockwool Slab or ceramic fiber insulation.
  • Horizontal, vertical or combinational air flow can be provided.
  • Uniform heating.
  • Excellent control via Digital PID controller & Thyristorised heater control.
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