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The initiative is aimed by the Government of India at encouraging companies to manufacture in India.

The “Make in India” initiative is based on four pillars (New Processes, New Infrastructure, New Sectors, New Mindset), which have been identified to give a boost to entrepreneurship in India, not only in manufacturing but also in other sectors.

New Processes: ‘Make in India’ recognizes ‘ease of doing business’ as the single most important factor to promote entrepreneurship. A number of initiatives have already been undertaken to ease business environment.

New Infrastructure: Availability of modern and facilitating infrastructure is a very important for ensuring the growth of the industry. The government intends to develop industrial corridors and smart cities to provide infrastructure based on state-of-the-art technology with modern high-speed communication and integrated logistic arrangements.

Why MTF?

  • M – Manpower
  • T – Technology
  • F – Facility (Infrastructure)

New Sectors: ‘Make in India’ has identified 25 sectors in Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Service Activities. FDI has been opened up in Defence Production, Construction and Railway Infrastructure in a big way.

We are proud to say that, we have supplied our products in few of these sectors such as Construction, Defence, etc.


New Mindset: Industry is accustomed to see Government as a regulator. ‘Make in India’ intends to change this by bringing a paradigm shift in how Government interacts with industry. The Government will partner industry to support the economic development of the country. The approach will be that of a facilitator and not a regulator.

With a new mindset, & taking coronavirus pandemic as opportunity to grow, we welcome companies to Make in India initiative & grow together.

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