Tempering Furnace

MTF are listed among the most well known Tempering Furnace Manufacturers and Suppliers based in India. We manufacture and supply advanced Furnaces that have found applications in different industrial applications in various industrial sectors. The unique design and robust body has impressed clients and has also positively contributed to the significant increase in the overall output of clients. We use industrial quality materials and certified spare parts to construct out Tempering Furnace. Tested for quality and performance standards at par with international ones, our product has earned us name and fame in global market.

Features Of Glass Tempering Furnaces:

  • Robust Construction.
  • Excellent insulation & sealing through non – asbestos rope to keep low heat losses & low skin temperature.
  • Heating by Electric or oil or gas.
  • Uniform heating.
  • Excellent control via Digital PID controller & Thyrsitorised heater control.

What Is A Tempering Furnace And Why You Should Buy It?

Types of industrial furnaces are endless and one of a kind is tempering which is designed to fulfil the tempering process. To heat treat the metal product and ensure their hardness and this overall process require this type of furnace. You should invest in the device if:

  • If any of your processes require heating of steel to a specific temperature
  • The temperature that is used to perform the process affects the removal of hardness
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