How Does A Hot Air Oven Works?

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A hot-air oven is an electrical device which uses dry air to sterilize. It has a digital thermostat to regulate the heat, which usually ranges from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius. It further has a double-wall design, in which the outer layer is made up of metal and the inner layer is a poor heat conductor which is used to retain heat and reduce energy production. The gap between the two surfaces is packed with air to produce extra insulation. Buy the oven only from the leading Hot Air Oven Manufacturers in the market.

Inside the hot-air oven, a fan is designed to distribute the heat evenly. To ensure that the entire sequence of sterilization is effective, Hot-air ovens must be preheated. An entire sterilization process includes preheating the oven to the expected temperature, assuring the temperature is well maintained inside, turning off the device and then leaving the items to cool down as per the room temperature in the closed oven. The whole process takes around 90 minutes for a typical hot-air oven to finish its sterilization process. But, there are other ovens which use higher temperature levels to reduce the time taken in the sterilization process.

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